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A Strange Outcome
The Remarkable Survival Story of a Polish Child

Allan Parker
Penguin Books (excerpt, p. 58)

Hastily, Helena directed the children to don winter clothing over their pyjamas and nightdresses. Then she dressed herself. In the few minutes left, extra clothing was wrapped into paper parcels or stuffed into empty flour sacks. Some of the children ran to fetch little personal treasures like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, a favourite little piece of jewellery - silly little mementos that would be totally useless in the life that awaited them. 

As the terrified family worked feverishly - only young Jan was spared, too young to understand what was going on, let alone know what he should pack - the Russian at last showed a glimmer of compassion, whispering advice to take as many items of warm clothing as they could gather and pack in those brief minutes. Then he revealed the chilling reason: their journey was going to take them into the belly of the beast, the terrifying Russia.