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Polish Heritage Trust of New Zealand

The objects for which the trust is established are:

  1. To educate New Zealanders about and to share with them the rich heritage of Poland.
  2. Promote the study of, publication and sale of books and articles on Polish immigration to New Zealand - and the contribution of these immigrants and their descendants to every aspect of New Zealand life.
  3. To establish and promote educational facilities and resources, including correspondence courses, website, the production of CD Roms and collection of oral history on tape, to facilitate the study of Polish language, literature, history and culture.
  4. To provide permanent storage for books, photographs and other documents and to make this accessible to all New Zealanders.
  5. To promote student exchange programmes between Poland and New Zealand.
  6. To work with all existing and future Polish associations and other ethnic groups and associations to advance the objects of the Trust.
  7. Generally to do all acts, matters and things that the Trustees consider may advance the objects of the Trust as set out above.
  8. The trusts objects shall only be carried out in and to benefit people in New Zealand.

[An extract from the Trust Deed]

Certificate of Incorporation under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957

heritage trust certificate

150 Anniversary Celebration of Polish Settlement in Otago and Southland